)] ; wage requirement and job seek efficiency

E Avirsenet Goss, N Schoening, M Greenwood, G Hunt, Me Dowell, J Renault, E Lesourne
1979 Barron J.M. and Mellow W   unpublished
This paper incorporates complex behavior in a job seeking strategy model. Since the state of information is imperfect, a job seeker faces an imprecise labor market. His behavior is fuzzy and variable. It is shown how this complex behavior can be described by fuzzy subsets theory and bifurcation analysis. The latter examines the discontinuous phenomena. Then it is proved that a job seeker' s fuzzy equilibrium with a spatial constraint exists. Keywords Fuzzy Utility-Fuzzy Behavior-Spatial
more » ... ium-Discontinuous Behavior-Labor Market Area. The empirical literature on job seek theory is often focused on the studies of the linkage between two elements of a job seek strategy : migration and job seek efficiency [d' imperfect information and job seeking strategy [Laffond G. and Lesourne J. (1986), Rea S.A. Jr (1981)] and job seeker' s qualifications and job choices [Lösch A. (1954)].