SAT-based Counterexample-Guided Inductive Synthesis of Distributed Controllers

Konstantin Chukharev, Dmitrii Suvorov, Daniil Chivilikhin, Valeriy Vyatkin
2020 IEEE Access  
This article proposes a new method for automatic synthesis of distributed discrete-state controllers from given temporal specification and behavior examples. The proposed method develops known synthesis methods to the distributed case, which is a fundamental extension. This method can be applied for automatic generation of correct-by-design distributed control software for industrial automation. The proposed approach is based on reduction to the Boolean satisfiability problem (SAT) and has
more » ... erexample-Guided Inductive Synthesis (CEGIS) at its core. We evaluate the proposed approach using the classical distributed alternating bit protocol. INDEX TERMS Control system synthesis, inference algorithms, Boolean satisfiability, counterexampleguided inductive synthesis, formal verification, model checking.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3037780 fatcat:a2v6an3grngpfcufospvcpehfu