Neoliberalism and contemporary reform efforts in Mississippi's public education system

Kamden Strunk, Leslie Locke, Melandie McGee
Mississippi's performance on educational outcomes has consistently ranked among the lowest in the nation. As such, reform efforts have been continuous. However, the condition of Mississippi's public educational system cannot be fully understood without first considering historical factors, such as desegregation and integration, which have shaped contemporary reform efforts. The push for racial equality in Mississippi education faced strict opposition by Whites following the Brown (1954) court
more » ... ling. Over time, this resistance led to resegregated school systems in which whites fled to private schools and public schools became majority Black. Contemporary reform efforts favor white students while resisting progression towards equity. It is through the neo-conservative movement that neoliberal reforms, such as accountability in schools and performance based funding, emerge and extend their influence to public higher education. A discussion of these neoconservative and neoliberal influences is provided as well as a call for educational reforms grounded in social justice.
doi:10.17605/ fatcat:ki4klzfctjgvjbquaemfvat4ye