Modal characteristics of harmonic gear transmission flexspline based on orthogonal design method

Leyu Wei, Jie Yang, Changlu Wang, Xingxing Wang, Xinmeng Liu
2021 Open Physics  
The flexspline features several modal characteristics that are related to its structural parameters, which could impose an impact on the stability and reliability of the system of harmonic gear transmission. In this article, we have integrated the method of orthogonal design with the approach of finite element, so as to study the modal characteristics of flexspline under varying structural parameters. Furthermore, we have analyzed the ways of how varying structural parameters could impose an
more » ... act on the first eight-order natural frequencies of flexspline. In addition, by adopting the method of range and variance analysis for the obtained data, we have examined the influence imposed by varying structural parameters on the modal characteristics of flexspline, which could lay a foundation for the optimal design of the structural parameters of flexspline.
doi:10.1515/phys-2021-0092 fatcat:jg5pvv6qlzdthiclzluyitkryi