Cardiorespiratory Endurance and Obesity Based on Socioeconomic Status of Family Among School Children

Nurul Diyana Sanuddin, Nur Atikah Mohamed Kassim, Rozella Ab Razak, Adjullea anak James @ Noew, Asmalini Che Abu Shafie, Theresa Ahing
2021 International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences  
Research was conducted to identify the influence of socioeconomic status and life style among children in Perak related to health-related fitness. Selected schools among children in Perak trying to prove children lifestyle have a great influence to their body composition and researcher tend to measured how much energy expenditure that the children attain they expend when performs any type of physical activity especially when do cardiorespiratory training. A total of 120 students from selected
more » ... imary schools in Perak were involved in this research and they represented three main races in Malaysia. Participant need to complete the 1600 meters run or walk (cardiorespiratory endurance), measuring height, weight and skinfold thickness (body composition and fat percentage) and answering questionnaire. The finding of this study showed, there were significance different between cardiorespiratory endurance and socioeconomic status of the children was 0.044 less than alpha value 0.05 (F=3.210; p=0.044 < 0.05). Besides that, the significant value of physical activity, leisure time and activity at school were (F=0.855; p=0.428> 0.05), (F=2.789; p=0.066> 0.05), and (F=11.036; p=0.000< 0.05). Moreover, for body composition and fat percentage, was no significant differences between socioeconomic statuses of family in body mass index (F=1.580; p=0.210> 0.05), and skinfold thickness of male (F=1.910; p=0.156> 0.05), and female (F=0.558; p=0.576> 0.05). As conclusion, children need to know about the important of physical activity included education about increasing lifestyle related to physical activity such as aerobic, walking to schools and other.
doi:10.6007/ijarbss/v11-i11/11528 fatcat:i5sy6edrkrettonnid4zafpffa