Autologous full-thickness skin graft as reinforcement in parastomal hernia repair: a feasibility study

V. Holmdahl, U. Gunnarsson, K. Strigård
2020 Techniques in Coloproctology  
Background Parastomal hernia is a common complication of stoma formation and the methods of repair available today are unsatisfactory with high recurrence and complication rates. To improve outcome after surgical repair of parastomal hernia, a surgical method using autologous full-thickness skin grafts as intraperitoneal reinforcement has been developed. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of this novel surgical technique in the repair of parastomal hernia. Methods A pilot
more » ... study was conducted between January 2018 and June 2019 on four patients with symptomatic parastomal hernia. They had a laparotomy with suture reduction of the hernia and reinforcement of the abdominal wall with autologous full-thickness skin. They were then monitored for at least 1 year postoperatively for technique-related complications and recurrence. Results No major technique-related complications were noted during the follow-up Two patients developed a recurrent parastomal hernia at the long term follow-up. The other two had no recurrence. Conclusions Autologous full-thickness skin graft as reinforcement in parastomal hernia repair is feasible and should be evaluated in a larger clinical trial.
doi:10.1007/s10151-020-02368-6 pmid:33151386 fatcat:kayhafjl4vfp3liedaxkeg77sq