A Conceptual Design Approach for Archaeological Structures, a Challenging Issue between Innovation and Conservation: A Studied Case in Ancient Pompeii

Vincenzo Calvanese, Alessandra Zambrano
2021 Buildings  
The preservation of the authenticity of a building artifact in an archaeological area is a responsible practice. On the other hand, the need to save the building artifact from natural and anthropic degradation and ensuring the structural reliability as well as an efficient maintenance program are big challenges. These tasks usually involve the cooperation of several professionals and the responsible use of innovative techniques and materials. This paper focused on a specific design approach for
more » ... design approach for the rehabilitation works of ancient constructions at archaeological sites. The proposed approach implies different steps that allow for design optimization at an increasing knowledge level of the existing structures. In the archaeological area, some crucial design aspects cannot be defined before the execution work phase, since some elements can only be revealed and identified during work execution. As a consequence, the final design has often been optimized after all the information has been acquired. A studied case at the archaeological site of Pompeii is herein presented to prove the efficiency of the proposed approach. This methodology reduces the uncertainty related due to the ancient material performance, to the level of damage and to the effectiveness of the rehabilitation work, unknown at the design stage.
doi:10.3390/buildings11040167 fatcat:v4v42yvdingidipteyhg3mwgcm