On Causes and Enlightenment of Preschool Education Curriculum Model Reforms in Contemporary and Modern China

Yuxia Tian
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education Technology, Management and Humanities Science   unpublished
The development and changes of Chinese preschool education curriculum model mainly happen in two important periods with the boundary line of the founding of new China, and each of these two periods can be subdivided meticulously into two parts. The first period can be said to be a process of transplantation & imitation and nationalization & exploration of preschool education model before the founding of new China, and evolution from imitation to localization is achieved; while the second period
more » ... e the second period refers to a stage of gradual exploration of education system with Chinese characteristics under the influence of Soviet education and ultra-left trend of thought after the founding of new China, and is a process of qualitative change from reference to self-innovation. Thus, research on preschool education curriculum model shall be based on reflection of the development history of Chinese preschool education curriculum model, analyze causes of reforms, summarize enlightenment of historical reforms on current curriculum model reforms, and thus promote better development of contemporary preschool education. In brief, curriculum model refers that teachers display curriculum content and teaching plans by relatively typical and simple teaching methods in practical teaching, and its core values are that it could adapt to educational conditions of the era and then generate specific curriculum structure and educational function. With gradual concern on preschool education in Chinese education circle, deepening research on preschool education curriculum, and especially the popularity of kindergarten-based curriculum and development needs of preschool education marketization since the reform and opening up, the public has increasingly high requirements for scientific and featured preschool curriculum, and curriculum model also becomes increasingly important in preschool education research community. However, China's existing preschool education circle is relatively weak in research on exploration and establishment of curriculum model, and cannot truly provide corresponding theoretical support for contemporary curriculum model reform practice. So, this paper reflects on the development history of Chinese preschool education curriculum model, and explores causes of preschool education curriculum model reforms in contemporary and modern China and enlightenment of such reforms on current preschool teaching model reforms.
doi:10.2991/etmhs-15.2015.148 fatcat:gxjepfes4ndn7kl4kaiuoh57bi