Nrf2 Play an Protective Role in Oxldl Induced Fibrosis in Renal Tubular Cells [post]

xiangju long, Zhe Liu, Yanan Sun, Hong Zhang
2021 unpublished
CD36 is a receptor of OxLDL in kidney tubular epithelial cells(NRK-52E cells),nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) is a crucial factor initiate Nrf2-signaling pathway regulating oxidative stress,kelch-like ECH-associated protein 1(Keap1) is called Nrf2 inhibitor.We treated NRK-52E cells by different concentration and time of OxLDL, and Nrf2 inhibitor ΚeapI ,and then observed CD36 ,cytoplasmic and nuleus of Nrf2 ,E-cadherinin in NRK-52E cells by western blotting and RT-PCR methods
more » ... tc.,we found that CD36 protein in OxLDL stimulated NRK-52E cells increased after enough concentration and time;Although total Nrf2 protein level did not chang significantly at 5h,10h,but decreased at 24h,48h;Nuleus Nrf2 protein level increased relatively.Meanwhile, cytoplasmic Nrf2 protein level did not change significantly; CD36 mRNA and protein expression decreased in the NRK-52E renal tubular cells treated with Nrf2 inhibitor keap1; After OxLDL stimulation and then keap1 overexpression, CD36 mRNA and protein expression also decreased; E-cadherin expression decreased in NRK-52E after KeapI over-expression treatment .These results may indicateed that CD36 could accept OxLDL and then upregulated in NRK-52E cells ; Nrf2 could be activated by OxLDL, But Nrf2 could resist oxidative stress induced by OxLDL only if it transfer to the nucleus from cytoplasm.Nrf2 may play an protective role through upregulating CD36 .
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:37nsdvs4trc6xhymge3ovncnue