Performance Analysis of Congestion Control Algorithm for Mobility Model in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks by using Modified AODV Protocols

Kirtiraj Mohan Desai, Prof. Ms. T. T. Mohite Patil
2018 International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development  
The Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) often deal with obstacles that occur in the form of packet loss and so that can be efficiently reduced by involving congestion control which includes routing algorithm and a flow control at the network layer. We are proposing agent based agent based congestion control technique for MANETs in this paper with Modified AODV protocol. Here the mobile agents (MA) collect and broadcast the information about network congestion .The mobile agent based congestion
more » ... ol AODV routing protocol is used to avoid congestion in ad hoc network, and the modification done to have the same route for the MANET without changing it. Which can be done by inserting a protocol which alerts the sender to send some less packets in real time. The work of mobile agents is to carry routing information and nodes congestion status whenever the MANET is created. Whenever a mobile agent moves through the network, it selects a less loaded neighbour node as its next hop and simultaneously keeps on updating routing table according to the node's congestion status. With the help of mobile agents, such is the role of MAs which creates the dynamic network topology i Considering the simulation results using NS showed that our proposed technique efficient that traditional one which has numerous amount of packet loss. Our protocol has high delivery ratio and throughput with reduced delay which results providing efficient protocol when compared with the different existing techniques.
doi:10.31142/ijtsrd18345 fatcat:d2pellqhbng7jmy2ajg64sfmxe