Student/Teacher Advising through Reward Augmentation [article]

Cameron Reid
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Transfer learning is an important new subfield of multiagent reinforcement learning that aims to help an agent learn about a problem by using knowledge that it has gained solving another problem, or by using knowledge that is communicated to it by an agent who already knows the problem. This is useful when one wishes to change the architecture or learning algorithm of an agent (so that the new knowledge need not be built "from scratch"), when new agents are frequently introduced to the
more » ... nt with no knowledge, or when an agent must adapt to similar but different problems. Great progress has been made in the agent-to-agent case using the Teacher/Student framework proposed by (Torrey and Taylor 2013). However, that approach requires that learning from a teacher be treated differently from learning in every other reinforcement learning context. In this paper, I propose a method which allows the teacher/student framework to be applied in a way that fits directly and naturally into the more general reinforcement learning framework by integrating the teacher feedback into the reward signal received by the learning agent. I show that this approach can significantly improve the rate of learning for an agent playing a one-player stochastic game; I give examples of potential pitfalls of the approach; and I propose further areas of research building on this framework.
arXiv:2002.02938v1 fatcat:jczqa3yoffantforknapdz27f4