Does the offline bully-victimization influence cyberbullying behavior among youths? Application of General Strain Theory

Hyunseok Jang, Juyoung Song, Ramhee Kim
2014 Computers in Human Behavior  
The current study attempts to examine the relationship between traditional bullyvictimization and cyberbullying behavior based on General Strain Theory perspectives. Offline bullyvictimization can create negative emotional strains. This negative strain combined with the anonymity in cyber space may lead youths to be engaged in cyberbullying behavior as the externalized response to the strain. Using longitudinal Korean National Youth Survey data, this study empirically tested the above
more » ... l explanation. First, this study found the declining trend of cyberbullying engagement among Korean youths. Secondly, consistent with GST, offline bully-victimization was significantly related to the cyberbullying engagement. Youths who were victims of traditional bullying showed a higher tendency of becoming cyberbullying assaulters with externalizing their strain in cyberspace.
doi:10.1016/j.chb.2013.10.007 fatcat:gozwgeirefbepijkoctpwkt7o4