XXIX.—On the Cœlacanth fish

D.M.S. Watson
1921 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
on along the costal region; Sc long, cell 1st M2 relatively small, tending to be open by the atrophy of m; cell /la/l lacking. Male.~Length 12 ram. ; wing 11 ram. Female.--Length 20 ram. ; wing 15 ram. Rostrum and palpi brownish black. Antcnnm short in both sexes, black. Head brownish black, paler adjoining the inner margin of the eyes. Thorax brownish black, sparsely dusted with brown. Halteres and legs brownish black. Wings with a strong brown tinge, the costal regiort more saturated, this
more » ... saturated, this intense coloration including the costal and sttbcostal cells ai~d the radial region to the wing-apex; veins dark brown. Venation: Sc very long, Scl ending approximately opposite r, Sc2 some distance from tim tip of S'c~, the latter alone being ~Lbout equal to the deflection of R~+~ ; Rs elongate, arcuated at origin; cell 1st M~ open or closed, m tending to be evanescent; veins beyond cell 1st M2 very long an,I parallel; cell M1 lacking; has~l deflcctiou of Cul beyond the fork of M ; Cu2 and the basal deflection of Cux subequal. Abdomen black with a brown pollen. Abdomen of female relatively elongate; valves of ovipositor elongate, acicular, black, the apices of tergal valves horn-coloured.
doi:10.1080/00222932108632589 fatcat:l6zzastivrbhfpaefztlhy62fy