Revised Archaeointensity Data from Bulgaria

1986 Journal of geomagnetism and geoelectricity  
This paper describes the process of accumulation of the new archaeointensity results from Bulgaria after 1978. The methods of laboratory treatments are discussed . Beside the difficulties connected with the experimental determination of the ancient intensity, the main obstacle for a better elucidation of its variations is inaccurate dating, especially in the prehistoric past. The conclusion is drawn that the relative chronology of prehistoric cultures has to be preserved. The revised
more » ... revised archaeointensity results are systematized as site averages and a weight is given to each individual result. Data are given in terms of the ratio FA/ FD , where FD is the geomagnetic field intensity at the site due to an axial geocentric dipole with the present-day moment. A first attempt for computer processing of the experimental data is shown . A second order polynomial is taken as a local model in a running window of 5 points . In the Appendix the theoretical basis is described and the weights given to experimental site mean values are explained. To obtain the continuous curve of smooth values of the intensity a spline cubic interpolation with a step of 10 years is used.
doi:10.5636/jgg.38.1297 fatcat:mhqco3dsijhrxifcd64ofklova