Ida Rosdiana, Ai Cahyati
2018 Media Informasi  
Insomnia is a common complaint of hemodialysis patients. This can cause patients to experience several consequences, like:1). daytime drowsiness; 2) feelings of depression, 3). lack of energy; 4) cognitive impairments; 5) memory disorders; 6) irritability; 7) psychomotor dysfunction and 8) decreased alertness and concentration. This study aims to identify the effect of muscle relaxation on insomnia in hemodialysis patients. Design used a quasi experiment method, with a pretest and post test
more » ... p design.The sampling technique was carried out by consecutive sampling, totaling 25 people. The statistical analysis used was univariate (explain it, bivariate by using a paired t-test to test the difference in scores of insomnia before and after exercise. The results showed that there were significant differences in the mean score of insomnia between before and after muscle relaxation intervention (p value = 0.001). Conclution isthe muscle relaxation can reduce insomnia in hemodialysis patients. This study recommends the need to use muscle relaxation therapy as a nursing intervention to overcome insomnia in hemodialysis patients.
doi:10.37160/bmi.v14i2.208 fatcat:dr5cy7mfdrh2xdvc6sue653h5m