A Taxonomy of Vision Systems for Ground Mobile Robots

Jesus Martinez-Gomez, Antonio Fernandez-Caballero, Ismael Garcia-Varea, Luis Rodriguez, Cristina Romero-Gonzalez
2014 International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems  
This paper introduces a taxonomy of vision systems for ground mobile robots. In the last five years, a significant number of relevant papers have contributed to this subject. Firstly, a thorough review of the papers is proposed to discuss and classify both past and the most current approaches in the field. As a result, a global picture of the state of the art of the last five years is obtained. Moreover, the study of the articles is used to put forward a comprehensive taxonomy based on the most
more » ... up-to-date research in ground mobile robotics. In this sense, the paper aims at being especially helpful to both budding and experienced researchers in the areas of vision systems and mobile ground robots. The taxonomy described is devised from a novel perspective, namely in order to respond to the main questions posed when designing robotic vision systems: why?, what for?, what with?, how?, and where? The answers are derived from the most relevant techniques described in the recent literature, leading in a natural way to a series of classifications that are discussed and contextualized. The article offers a global picture of the state of the art in the area and discovers some promising research lines.
doi:10.5772/58900 fatcat:ydrtcuwnbrbhdgjxmw3rhfa7oi