Sumbangan Golongan Peniaga Cina di Tanah Melayu kepada Kerajaan Ch'ing: 1880-1912

Fairisa Othman, Jabatan Sejarah, Sains Fakulti, Kemanusiaan
Jurnal Perspektif Jil. 6 Bil   unpublished
This paper discusses the contributions made by the Chinese merchants in Malaya in their home country during the reign of the Ch'ing government. In the early reign of the Ch'ing government adopted a policy banning out-migration of people and prejudice against the dealer in any sea, but the situation changed at the end of the 19th century. Ch'ing government policy changes were influenced by the success and wealth that are highlighted by the traders who dominate economic activity in Malaya. In
more » ... y in Malaya. In addition, political and socioeconomic changes and the expansion of Western power in China has encouraged the Ch'ing government to change its policy towards the