Electronic correlations in short-period (CrAs)n/(GaAs)nferromagnetic heterostructures

L. Chioncel, I. Leonov, H. Allmaier, F. Beiuşeanu, E. Arrigoni, T. Jurcuţ, W. Pötz
2011 Physical Review B  
We investigate half-metallicity in [001] stacked (CrAs)_n/(GaAs)_n heterostructures with n ≤ 3 by means of a combined many-body and electronic structure calculation. Interface states in the presence of strong electronic correlations are discussed for the case n=1. For n=2,3 our results indicate that the minority spin half-metallic gap is suppressed by local correlations at finite temperatures, and continuously shrinks upon increasing the heterostructure period. Although around room temperature
more » ... he magnetization of the heterostructure deviates by only 2 integer value, finite temperature polarization at E_F is reduced by at least 25 to localize more on the GaAs layers while lowest conduction states have a many-body origin. Our results, therefore, suggest that in these heterostructures holes and electrons remain separated among different layers.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.83.035307 fatcat:wyp4ekeha5cr7ehxpjvgsjolwq