Dynamics of cytokine activity of cerebrospinal fluid and blood serum of carnivores with pain syndrome

Sergey Dmitrievich Klyukin, Vladimir Vasilyevich Salautin, Sergey Vasilyevich Kozlov, Nikolai Alexandrovich Pudovkin, Daniil Sergeevich Frolov
2021 The Agrarian Scientific Journal  
New data on the mechanisms of pain syndrome development in dogs and cats were obtained, in particular, the role of anti - inflammatory cytokines: interleukin-4 (IL-4), interleukin-6 (IL - 6), interferon - gamma (IFN - gamma), tumor necrosis factor - alpha (TNF-alfa) in the formation and manifestation of this pathology was determined. The results obtained allow us to assess the dynamics of the immune status of animals with pain syndrome. Cytokines: IL-4, IL-6, and IFN - gamma showed high
more » ... showed high significance in the diagnosis of pain syndrome. Thus, the values of IL-4 in the cerebrospinal fluid and blood serum in dogs in the first experimental group were 3.5 times and 3.4 times higher in the second experimental group than in the control, in cats of the first experimental group-4.3 and 4.6 times in the second experimental group. As well as IL-4, both IL - 6 and IFN - gamma showed their high activity, in contrast to TNF-alfa, which was less sensitive to changes in pain syndrome.
doi:10.28983/asj.y2021i1pp52-55 fatcat:3u27ddxmpve7doycwv5ksovdyu