The Seven Pillars Of Christian Counseling: Bedrock To Christian Education

Precious Mgbejiofor
2017 Zenodo  
The counseling process seeks to provide a fountain of resources for the needy believer who finds his or her self-enmeshed in some inevitable changes associated with growing up in life generally. Since the spiritual life is a pivot in which other department of life revolves, the average believer over times seeks succor and in the warm interaction with an older more experienced believer who had been more acquainted with the road map of the kingdom of God. Of work, the Christian counselor may not
more » ... counselor may not be a guru but his training and inherence exposure by the vicissitudes of life equipped him or her with functional knowledge and experience coupled with the enablement of the Holy Spirit, the Christian counselor furnishes the needy believer with an avalanche of remedies that presents a ready balm to many a social or emotional as well as spiritual malaise. Dispensed in an enabling environment, these interactions that take place between a counselor and counselee provides a firm launching pad for the growth of the individual believer and the church universally ability to face new challenges and to tap the sources of renewal is one of the secrets of Christianity's growth. The way forward usually meant a studied look back ward, back to the image of God revealed in the story of Jesus. Christians have always considered the age of Jesus and his apostles a kind of model for all the other ages. It gave to the church its faith in Jesus, the resurrected Messiah, and the hope of forgiveness of sins through him. And the Age demonstrated in the life of Paul, that the gospel of grace recognizes no boundaries of nation, race, sex, or culture.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.890374 fatcat:j4epvystjbhdzhkfcce5hdeoee