Simple Screening Method for Judging the Complex Formation between Drug and Aluminum (III)

Kanako MIYACHI, Masahiro NAKAO, Hisashi KUROKAWA, Mayu TOMIDA, Shinichiro KAMINO, Kenzo MORIYAMA, Takako YAMAGUCHI, Yoshikazu FUJITA
2009 Yakugaku zasshi  
We examined a simple screening method for judging the complex formation between a drug and aluminum(III) on a spot plate. As few drug had color reaction by basing on the binary complex formation of drug-aluminum(III), the ternary complex formation of drug-aluminum(III)-dye was studied this time using 50 kinds of drugs. The dyes used were Chromazurol S and Erythrosin. As a result, in the drug that the complex formation with aluminum(III) was assumed, a remarkable coloration diŠerence was
more » ... Šerence was recognized in comparison with the blank prepared under the same conditions. The proposed simple screening method should be very useful for judging instantly the complex formation between a drug and aluminum(III).
doi:10.1248/yakushi.129.1551 pmid:19952536 fatcat:xmzu2vqffvdxhnlhsjvmx4jwum