Leptin in non PCOS and PCOS women: a comparative study

Sunita Ramanand, Jaiprakash Ramanand, Suyog Jain, Girish Raparti, Ravi Ghanghas, Nimish Halasawadekar, Praveen Patil, Mayur Pawar
2014 International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology  
Leptin, a hormone secreted by adipose tissues, controls body weight through regulation of appetite and thermogenesis. The present study was aimed to observe role of leptin in healthy and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) women. Methods: Correlation between serum leptin and anthropometric, endocrine and metabolic profile was studied in 30 apparently healthy women (control group) and 38 PCOS women (PCOS group). Each group was stratified based on body mass Index (BMI), as normal weight (BMI<23) and
more » ... overweight/obese (BMI>23). Results Leptin level was high in 30% control group and in 65.79% PCOS group. Mean leptin (ng/ml) in PCOS group was higher compared to control group (18±1.9 v/s 12±1.7, p<0.05). Mean leptin levels were higher in overweight/obese subgroup as compared to normal weight subgroup in both Control (p<0.05) and PCOS groups (p=<0.05). In control group, leptin showed positive correlation with waist circumference (WC) (r=-0.49, p<0.01) and negative correlation with Cholesterol: HDL ratio (p<0.05). In PCOS group, leptin showed positive correlation with BMI (r=0.377,p<0.05) and Triglyceride (r=0.34,<0.05) and negative correlation with Fasting Blood Glucose( FBG)(r=-0.33,p<0.05). In normal weight subgroup among control group (n=25), leptin showed positive correlation with LDL (r=0.49, p<0.05). In control overweight/obese subgroup (n=5), leptin showed positive correlation with Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) (r=+1.0, p<0.05) and inverse correlation with testosterone(r=-1.0,p<0.05). In normal weight subgroup among PCOS group, leptin had a positive correlation with LDL: HDL ratio (r=0.488, p<0.05). Conclusions: Hyperleptinemia is common in obesity. Leptin controls glycemic status in patients with IR. Correlation of leptin with FSH and testosterone is influenced by obesity and PCOS. Leptin regulation of lipid homeostasis is influenced by obesity or PCOS.
doi:10.5455/2319-2003.ijbcp20140224 fatcat:wwapoydnvfcybjlhg4ttli6swu