Increasing Refiner Efficiency by Spline Technology

Takamitsu Tanaka
Recently most urgent task of humanity is to prevent global warming. And reducing carbon dioxide emissions is especially our main concern. So we are being required to increase efforts for energy saving in our mill. Though Refining stage in stock preparation which needs especially a great amount of energy had been modified to reduce power consumption constantly, still it is not exception. At that time, we had known there is the spline technology to upgrade refiners by GL&V. The modification
more » ... rs a wide range of cost saving benefits(ex. reducing gross power consumption, improving fiber quality, extending plate life, and so on.) . Results from hundreds of splined upgrade installations in foreign countries had proven the successful results. So we had decided to upgrade by GL&V's spline technology our refiner in1 0PM stock preparation for the first time in Japan. The refiner had upgraded in Feb.2 0 1 1and has been running for an annual. In this report, we introduce the energy saving modification in our mill, details of our achievements after modifying, and competitor's(ex. AIKAWA, Andritz)spline technology from a customer's standpoint.
doi:10.2524/jtappij.66.691 fatcat:gcrx5v4gp5g7ldw66tr5nzgd7i