1997 Environmental Policy and Law  
The reform of the United Nations is progressing under its new Secretary-General, who has established a two track reform process. The first track involves those managerial initiatives and decisions falling within his authority that could be taken within the first quarter of this year. The second track involves the preparation of a programme of reform incorporating further measures within his authority, including those which he believes would benefit from consultations with Member States; and
more » ... ber States; and also his proposals in respect of the more fundamental issues which could only be decided by governments. This track would culminate in a report which he would submit in July of this year. Kofi Annan has appointed Maurice Strong -who has asked for the token payment of $1 dollar per yearas the Executive Coordinator for UN Reform. Maurice Strong is chairing a UN Steering Committee, whose membership represents the span of activities of the Organisation. It will be the principal vehicle for monitoring and coordinating the reform process within the Secretariat and for ensuring participation and involvement of all relevant UN Departments, Funds and Programmes in support of the Executive Coordinator. However, the G-77 Chairman has said that irrespective of budget contraints, the present system of appointing gratis personnel is undemocratic and if not corrected quickly, might begin a process of dismantling the UN's international character and culture. "Developing countries have virtually been shut out from participating in the exercise of offering gratis personnel, because the system is set against them". Of the 63 gratis personnel for the international tribunals, only one P-3 came from one of the 132 members of the G-77lChina. The Assembly should approve the use of all such personnel, he said, as it was disturbing to see instances of gratis personnel representing the Secretary-General and consulting with member States, as if they were ordinary staff members and had been requested by the General Assembly.
doi:10.3233/epl-1997-27301 fatcat:rcliahtvpfep5l44eer7rtvzlm