Historic account of infirmary at the Instituto Nacional de Cardiología "Ignacio Chávez"
Proceso histórico de enfermería en el Instituto Nacional de Cardiología

Luz Pérez Loredo Díaz
The historical process of the infirmary has had great evolution in Mexico its beginnings, in the professional order, have taken to a great height to the National Institute of Cardiology; in the year of 1944, the Dr. Ignacio Chávez had great vision and assertivity when considering to religious nurses to direct different services to it; they have been and are at the moment an essential piece to continue the evolution of infirmary in the National Institute of Cardiology. It is possible to mention
more » ... ossible to mention that the historical way of the infirmary must to the effort of the group of nuns who have known to guide and to lead to the team of nurses of the Institute, promoting at any moment the quality of attention provided to the patients with cardiovascular affections.
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