Electromagnetic and Thermal Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Motor Considering the Effect of Articulated Robot Link

Phuong Thi Luu, Ji-Young Lee, Ji-Heon Lee, Jung-Woo Park
2020 Energies  
This paper presents the electromagnetic and thermal characteristics of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) in a joint actuator which is used for articulated robot application. In an attempt to design a compact PMSM for the articulated robot, robot link should be taken into consideration during the motor design process as it can reduce the temperature distribution on motor, thus reducing the volume of the motor. A lumped-parameter thermal model of PMSM with and without a link is proposed
more » ... a link is proposed considering the core loss, copper loss, and mechanical loss as heat sources. The electromagnetic and thermal analysis results are well confirmed by the experiment in a 400 W 20-pole/24-slot PMSM. The experiment results show that the robot link helps to reduce the motor end-winding temperature by about 40%, and this leads to an increase in power density of the motor.
doi:10.3390/en13123239 fatcat:2dzociruy5bmthgz65oceytd7u