1886 Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society  
OF UURRENT RESEAROEES RELATING TO MICROSCOPY. LL Instruments, Accessories, &c.+ Vidanes' Photographic Microscope-Compound Images by the Method of Successive Exposnres.t-At the outset of an inqniry into the best methods and conditions of micro-photography, Dr. H. Viallanes premises that those instruments, in which the dark chamber is fixed directly to the tube of the instrument are subject to a serious defect, both because the weight of the chamber must affect the micro-FIQ. 82. metric screw,
more » ... 2. metric screw, and SO b e c a~~e the tremors caused by inserting and removing the negative are c?municated to the instrument, and may displace the object and mth it the photographic image. It is a This subdivision contains (1) Stands; (2) Eyepieces and Objectives; (3) Illuminating Apparatus ; (4) Other Acceseories ; (5) Photo-micrography ; (6) Manipulation ; (7) Microscopica1. Optics, Books, ond Miscellaneous matters. t Viallanes, H., 'La Photographie appliquC aux Etudes d'tlnatomie Microscopique,' 63 pp. and 4 figs. (8v0, Paris, 1886). ZOOLOQP AND BOTANY, MICROSCOPY, ETC. a focus upon the ground glass, the division at which the index stands is noted, then the highest part of the object is focused and a second reading is made on the circle. These readings determine the limits between which the index must move if all the successive planes of the ZOOLOGY m D BOTANY, MICROSCOPY, ETO. * Ihd. Jahrb. K.K. Gescll. Aerztc Wien, 1884, pp. 217-44 (1 pl. aud 1 flg.). ZOOLOQY AND BOTANY, IICROS(IOPY, ETU. * The Rhnd ia Holmes' Isophotal Binocular. There is a spiral pinion and diagonal rackwork to the stage-movement. Ser. ~.-VOL. VI. 2 L 506 BUPIUARY OF CURRENT RESEARCHES RELATING TO ZOOLOGY AND BOTANY, MICROBCOPY, ETO.
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