D1.3 Design for systems and interfaces for slice operation v1

Adrián Gallego Sánchez, Ahmed Elmokashfi, Andres J. Gonzalez, Carlos Parada, Carmen Guerrero, Christos Politis, Christos Tranoris, Dimitrios Kritharidis, Foivos Michelinakis, Ishan Vaishnavi, João Rodrigues, Jorge Carapinha (+9 others)
2019 Zenodo  
Network slicing is one of the main differentiating and innovative features of 5G by enabling the partitioning of the network infrastructure to support specific use cases, services, individual customers or vertical industries. This feature will be implemented, evaluated and validated by the 5G-VINNI end-to-end Facility though the deployment of a wide range of 5G trials, according to the requirements defined by end users. This document is focused on operation, management and orchestration of
more » ... rk slicing and draws upon the current state of the art in standardization and R&D projects, as well as two previous 5G-VINNI deliverables, D1.1 and D1.2.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3345598 fatcat:ddwiondmg5crxfibkuspo6i4ii