Effect of glass and polyacid preparations on the strength of glass ionomer cements for dental applications

Naruporn Monmaturapoj, Siriporn Tanodekaew, Wiwaporn Soodsawang
Glass ionomer cements (GICs), widely used as restorative materials in dentistry, are principally composed of fluoro-aluminosilicate glass powder combined with a water-soluble polyacid. The investigation of new glass compositions and polyacid components are very important to improve the mechanical properties of these cements. The objective of this work was to prepare glass ionomers and polyacids for the use as GICs. The effects of spherical bodies, Al 2 O 3 :SiO 2 ratios, replacing CaO by SrO,
more » ... d ZrO 2 adding in glass powder in combination with the variation of acidic copolymer concentration on the compressive strength were investigated and discussed.