Generation of intense attosecond x-ray pulses using ultraviolet laser induced microbunching in electron beams

D. Xiang, Z. Huang, G. Stupakov
2009 Physical Review Special Topics. Accelerators and Beams  
Ever since the discovery of mode-locking, efforts have been devoted to reducing the duration of laser pulses since the ultrashort pulses are critical to explore the dynamics occurred on a ever-shorter timescale. In this paper we describe a scheme that's capable of generating intense attosecond x-ray pulses with duration beyond the atomic unit of time (∼24 attoseconds). The scheme combines the echo-enabled harmonic generation technique with the bunch compression which allows one to generate
more » ... ne to generate harmonic numbers of a few hundred in a microbunched beam through up-conversion of the frequency of a UV seed laser. A fewcycle intense IR laser is used to generate the required energy chirp in the beam for bunch compression and for selection of an attosecond x-ray pulse. Using a representative realistic set of parameters, we show that 1 nm x-ray pulse with peak power of a few hundred MW and duration as short as 20 attoseconds (FWHM) can be generated from a 200 nm UV seed laser. The proposed scheme may enable the study of electronic dynamics with a resolution beyond the atomic unit of time and may open a new regime of ultrafast sciences.
doi:10.1103/physrevstab.12.060701 fatcat:eot3xn6u6zc4rjggaulissjvx4