Classical BV Theories on Manifolds with Boundary

Alberto S. Cattaneo, Pavel Mnev, Nicolai Reshetikhin
2014 Communications in Mathematical Physics  
In this paper we extend the classical BV framework to gauge theories on spacetime manifolds with boundary. In particular, we connect the BV construction in the bulk with the BFV construction on the boundary and we develop its extension to strata of higher codimension in the case of manifolds with corners. We present several examples including electrodynamics, Yang-Mills theory and topological field theories coming from the AKSZ construction, in particular, the Chern-Simons theory, the BF
more » ... and the Poisson sigma model. This paper is the first step towards developing the perturbative quantization of such theories on manifolds with boundary in a way consistent with gluing.
doi:10.1007/s00220-014-2145-3 fatcat:x3xqjdxhevetdn7putzbv4ijbi