Correction of system of antioxidatic protection of an organism of cows during start and dry-stand
Корекція системи антиоксидантного захисту організму корів у період запуску та сухостою

Ja. Stravs'kyj
2016 Visnyk agrarnoi nauky  
The purpose. To determine effect of a specimen Evitsel upon activity of antioxidatic system of an organism of cows during start and dry-stand and on a course of puerperal period. Methods. Clinical, biochemical, photometric, mathematical-statistical. Results. After injection to cows during start and drystand of a specimen Evitsel in their organism activity of antioxidatic system is increased, the content of POL products drops. That positively influences calving and restoration of reproductive
more » ... ction of cows. Conclusions. After application of Evitsel the content of malonic dialdehyde in blood of animals decreases for 38,3% (Р<=0,01), the content of diene conjugates decreases for 36 % (Р<=0,05), while activity of catalase increases for 60% (Р<=0,01). Cows injected with Evitsel passed labors without complications. Duration serviceperiod was shorter for 55 day (Р<=0,05) at index of insemination of 1,7 in comparison with control.
doi:10.31073/agrovisnyk201603-05 fatcat:utw3t4cbefadhiisehyeo7iqfy