Intelligent Collaboration Technology of Software Developers Based on Data Driven

Ming Wan
2021 Converter  
Software development highly depends on the group contribution of developers, so improving the cooperation efficiency of developers is an important issue to improve the efficiency and quality of software development. In recent years, it has become a hot topic in the field of software engineering to improve the intelligent level of software development by mining and using the knowledge contained in software big data. However, the research on software developers and their group collaboration
more » ... s has not yet formed systematic research results. Therefore, this paper takes the developer group as the research object, through in-depth analysis of the behavior history data of developers, studies the key technologies of intelligent cooperation, and develops the corresponding support environment based on this. This paper first analyzes and summarizes the related research work. Then, the capability feature model and collaboration relationship model of software developers are given, and the knowledge map of developers is constructed. Furthermore, based on the knowledge map of developers, the collaborative development method based on intelligent recommendation is introduced by taking two developer recommendation methods as examples. Based on the above key technologies, the corresponding supporting tools are developed, and the prototype system of intelligent collaborative development environment is constructed.
doi:10.17762/converter.20 fatcat:jrn45gzlejg7tp6sn3msnlau5e