Computational Radical-Scavenging Activity Investigation of Galantamine [post]

Veronika Karadjova, Luciano Saso, Zhivko Velkov
2022 unpublished
Galantamine is a natural alkaloid witha proved antioxidant activity, which easily passes the blood-brain barrier. This makes it a reliable drug for the treatment of many human brain diseases.In this paper we report the results of quantum chemical calculations of the dissociationenthalpies of O-H and C-H bonds in galantamine. The results clearly show the propensity of galantamine to react with radicals in the living organisms.This includes an assessment of the stability of O-H and C-H bonds in
more » ... , as well as their acidity.In addition, hydride ion abstraction reactions such as occur with nicotine-amid-adenine-dinucleotide (NAD) are discussed here.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:iy676xcwundzdawlphajqmouoq