Analytical Applications of r-Amidino-2-thiourea. Part II. Spectophotornetric Determination of Trace Amounts of Silver

R. A. Nadkarni, B. C. Haldar
1965 Zenodo  
A rapid spetrophotometric method, based on the yellow colour formed by the reaction of l-amictino-­2- thiourea (ATU) with silver ions in alkaline medium, has been developed for the estimation of trace amounts of silver in the range of 0.4γ/m1 with accuracy of 3.5%. At 400 mμ Beer's law is obeyed in the concentration range of 1-12 γ/ml of the solution. The sensitivity of the method, as defined by Sandell, is 0.03γ/cm2. The effect of diverse ions has been studied- Hg2+ and Au3+ interfere. This
more » ... hod has been used to determine silver in lead concentrate. The yellow colour appears to be due to colloidal suspension of silver. The reaction leading to colour formation is practically complete at the ratio of AgNO3:ATU=1:1.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6503586 fatcat:vjr6as3rjjhtjlgyscbkc75fj4