Smart Ambulance Movement and Monitoring System Using GSM and RFID Technology

Neerav Bhatia, Abhishek Bedi, Ravinder Nath, Rajotiya
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
A steady increase in metro-city population, the number of automobiles and cars increases rapidly and metro traffic is growing crowded which leads to the traffic jam problem. Controlling the traffic becomes major issue when it comes to large time delays between traffic lights/signals. Due to this, ambulance service one of the crucial services gets delayed very often. To overcome this situation, this paper describes a solution that is "Smart ambulance movement and monitoring system" which
more » ... stem" which includes 'traffic controlling/movement' as well as a 'monitoring system' using GSM and RFID technology. In traffic controlling/movement system, a density based system is used which aims at reducing traffic congestion and unwanted long time delay during the traffic light switch over especially when the traffic is very low by analyzing the counting and controlling system using IR technology and 89C52 microcontroller. Also, an RF transmitter on the ambulance will communicate with the RF receiver mounted on the signal post. An algorithm is used to control the traffic signals automatically based on the RF switch/key pressed by the driver in the ambulance when in range. In monitoring system, every patient is provided with RFID TAG/smart card which includes all the details of patient i.e. name, age, sex, major diseases suffered, medical history etc. when swiped upon RFID reader (installed in ambulance), will get transferred to hospital department with the help of GSM technology. This monitoring system will help the doctors to give patients the necessary treatment for the time being.