Generalized Regularity and the Symmetry of Branches of ''Botanological'' Networks

Anastasios N. Zachos
2021 KoG  
We derive the generalized regularity of convex quadrilaterals in R^2, which gives a new evolutionary class of convex quadrilaterals that we call generalized regular quadrilaterals in R^2. The property of generalized regularity states that the Simpson line defined by the two Steiner points passes through the corresponding Fermat-Torricelli point of the same convex quadrilateral. We prove that a class of generalized regular convex quadrilaterals consists of convex quadrilaterals, such that their
more » ... wo opposite sides are parallel. We solve the problem of vertical evolution of a "botanological" thumb (a two way communication weighted network) w.r to a boundary rectangle in R^2 having two roots,two branches and without having a main branch, by applying the property of generalized regularity of weighted rectangles. We show that the two branches have equal weights and the two roots have equal weights, if the thumb inherits a symmetry w.r to the midperpendicular line of the two opposite sides of the rectangle, which is perpendicular to the ground (equal branches and equal roots). The geometric, rotational and dynamic plasticity of weighted networks for boundary generalized regular tetrahedra and weighted regular tetrahedra lead to the creation of "botanological" thumbs and "botanological" networks (with a main branch) having symmetrical branches
doi:10.31896/k.25.6 fatcat:sgmwmncsvzgvrhj7w53m45epza