A serine-substituted P450 catalyzes highly efficient carbene transfer to olefins in vivo

Pedro S Coelho, Frances H Arnold, Maraia E Ener, Eric M Brustad, Z Jane Wang, Stefanie A Baril, Arvind Kannan
Genetically encoded catalysts for non-natural chemical reactions will open new routes to sustainable production of chemicals. We designed a unique serine-heme ligated cytochrome "P411" that catalyzes efficient and selective carbene transfers from diazoesters to olefins in intact Escherichia coli cells. The mutation C400S in cytochrome P450BM3 gives a signature ferrous-CO Soret peak at 411 nm, abolishes monooxygenation activity, raises the resting state FeIII/II reduction potential, and
more » ... ntial, and significantly improves NAD(P)H-driven cyclopropanation activity.
doi:10.17615/4akg-nr71 fatcat:xkvrhca5erhgvd4doprrmftyqi