Study of the effect of nitrogen-fxing cyanobacteria on the growth rate of the Strawberry Sunrise T-4 strawberry variety

B. D. Kossalbayev, B. K. Zayadan, A. K. Sadvakasova, K K . Bolatkhan, А Token, Wefag Storay
2020 Eurasian Journal of Ecology  
The article presents the results of the study of nitrogenase activity of five strains of cyanobacteria from the collection of phototrophic microorganisms of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and their effect on the growth of strawberries. Nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria were studied by strains Anabaena variabilis R-I-5, Anabaena sp. 7912, Anabaena sp. Z-1, Nostoc calsicola RI-3, Nostoc sp. S-2, and according to the results obtained high activity of nitrogenase in the strain Anabaena variabilis
more » ... R-I-5. In the study of the effect of cells of different concentrations of the strain Anabaena variabilis R-I-5 on the growth of strawberry Strawberry Sunrise T-4, it was found that its suspension of 24x10 6 cells/ml and 48x10 6 cell/ ml had a positive effect on strawberry growth. In addition, an increase in the number of strawberry roots was observed in the suspension of cyanobacterial biomass 24x10 6 cell/ml. An increase in the number of strawberry leaves, root length, stem height and a significantly higher yield of dry biomass of strawberries were observed in the suspension of the study in the amount of 48x10 6 cell/ml. The optimal cell count of the nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium Anabaena variabilis R-I-5 suspension, which has a positive effect on the growth of strawberry plants, was 48x10 6 cell/ml. The obtained results allow to use the nitrogen fixing strain Anabaena variabilis R-I-5 for obtaining biological products in agrobiotechnology.
doi:10.26577/eje.2020.v64.i3.01 fatcat:nvbxf57jsremxoqirisrlknqtu