Application of plasmonics for CMOS multi-band image sensor
[招待講演] CMOS マルチバンドイメージセンサ開発に向けたプラズモニクス応用

Atsushi ONO, Atsutaka MIYAMICHI, Keiichiro KAGAWA, Hiroki KAMEHAMA, Keita YASUTOMI, Shoji KAWAHITO
2017 ITE Technical Report  
The purpose of our research is the development of new CMOS multi-band image sensors with color selectivity ranged from visible to near-infrared . Here, we propose new on-chip color filter of nanostructured metallic thin film based on surface plasmon resonance to realize multi-band color filtering. The proposed color filter consists of periodic corrugated metallic nano-grating with sub-wavelength single aperture. Selected wavelength of incident light excites surface plasmon resonance by the
more » ... ntric periodical corrugation on metal surface. The wavelength coupled with surface plasmons transmits through the sub-wavelength aperture with beaming light. The beaming light transmission has the advantage to suppress the spatial color cross-talk in the conventional image sensor. Here, we demonstrated the transmission color selectivity from visible to near-infrared range of the fabricated metallic color filters.
doi:10.11485/itetr.41.37.0_13 fatcat:oeoih6acnrbb7jt4wc65nor5ju