The Importance of Learning Vocabulary in L2 Indian English Text Books-A Case Study

Venkateswarlu Yesapogu, M Phil, Head
2016 unpublished
The present study investigates the treatment given to L2 vocabulary in Indian high school textbooks. To that end, four textbooks at three proficiency levels were analyzed. The results suggest that the vocabulary to be taught lacks consistency as the selection and grading criteria are not explicitly stated in most of the text books. The place of publication and the proficiency level of the textbooks influence the introduction of new words. Vocabulary teaching tends to be rather traditional since
more » ... r traditional since its practice is mostly comprised of closed and open exercises and vocabulary learning strategies are rarely present. Finally, the results of research into L2 vocabulary learning have not been taken into consideration. This can be seen in the overuse of semantic sets and the insufficient recycling found in the teaching units. However, for my article presentation I have researched the importance of vocabulary for L2 Students in their educational curriculum for increasing the knowledge of English to speak on par equal with foreigners as the second language especially in Indian A.P. high schools.