Optimizing disjunctive queries with expensive predicates

A. Kemper, G. Moerkotte, K. Peithner, M. Steinbrunn
1994 SIGMOD record  
In this work, we propose and assess a technique called bypass processing for optimizing the evaluation of dkjunctive queries with expensive predicates. The technique is particularly useful for optimizing selection predicates that contain terms whose evaluation costs vary tremendously; e.g., the evaluation of a nested subquery or the invocation of a user-defined function in an object-oriented or extended relational model may be orders of magnitude more expensive than an attribute access (and
more » ... arison). The idea of bypass processing consists of avoiding the evaluation of such expensive terms whenever the out come of the entire selection predicate can already be induced by testing other, less expensive terms. In order to v~date the viability of bypass evaluation, we extend a previously developed optimizer architecture and incorporate three alternative optimization algorithms for generating bypass processing plans. SIGMOD 94-5/94 Minneapolis,
doi:10.1145/191843.191906 fatcat:nbk4ty5fdbauhlglitel4mp33m