A Method for Estimating Glass Transition Temperature of Powders by Discoloration of Betanin under Temperature-programmed Heating Conditions

Ratchanon CHANTANUSON, Jian Long ZHU, Yayoi MIYAGAWA, Hidefumi YOSHII, Hirokazu SHIGA, Shuji ADACHI
2018 Japan Journal of Food Engineering  
A simple and cheap method for estimating the glass transition temperature (T g ) of powders was proposed. This involved measuring the discoloration process of a dye added to the powders under temperature-programmed heating conditions. The method was applied to evaluate the T g values of mixtures of maltodextrin and fructose, containing betanin, a natural dye. The T g values obtained by this method almost agreed with those calculated by the Couchman and Karasz equation using the T g values for
more » ... nstituents in the mixture, thus indicating the validity of the method.
doi:10.11301/jsfe.18526 fatcat:vbdcuvzwfjhato6yxpvgbu46aq