Logic of Dynamics & Dynamics of Logic; Some Paradigm Examples [article]

Bob Coecke, David J. Moore, Sonja Smets
2002 arXiv   pre-print
This paper surveys some recent developments towards a dynamic quantum logic and outlines its explicite construction -- some analogies and contrasts with other logics of dynamics are indicated. Abstract: The development of "(static) operational quantum logic" points out that classical boolean structures are too rigid to describe the actual and potential properties of quantum systems. On the other hand, an intuitionistic perspective on operational quantum logic, guides us in the direction of
more » ... porating dynamics logically by reconsidering the primitive propositions required to describe the behavior of a quantum system, in particular in view of the emergent disjunctivity due to the non-determinism of quantum measurements. A further elaboration on "intuitionistic quantum logic" emerges into a "dynamic operational quantum logic", which allows us to express dynamic reasoning in the sense that we can capture how actual properties propagate, including their temporal causal structure, and provides a unified logical description of systems which evolve or which are submitted to measurements. This setting reveals that even static operational quantum logic bears a hidden dynamic ingredient in terms of what is called "the orthomodularity" of the lattice-structure. Focusing on the quantale semantics for dynamic operational quantum logic, we delineate some points of difference with the existing quantale semantics for (non)-commutative linear logic.
arXiv:math/0106059v6 fatcat:5n67ws3lbrgbndd2ikygnfjmj4