(Gender)Bending in the Animated Series Avatar: The Last Airbender

Megan E. Jackson
2013 Film Matters  
A b s t r a c t Film is a media representation that can describe something, including a library. Assessing library representation in media such as film would be significant to know libraries concept in communities. This article discusses library representation in the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender by showing the functions and components of the library depicted in the film. The method used to analyze the data source is a qualitative approach with Roland Barthes's semiotic method,
more » ... emiotic method, namely the relationship of syntagmatic and paradigmatic analysis to see narrative elements, such as plot, character, and background. Data is obtained from dialogue sentences and scenes that show and describe the library. The units of analysis used are text elements or sequences.The results showed that. The library is represented as a building that has a function to store collections with important information values. The library components that appear in representations are users, collections, facilities and infrastructure. Librarian and funds components do not appear in representations. In conclusions, Exclusion of librarian component in representation illustrates that the role of librarians is still considered less important in society. The most prominent representation is the library which is described as a knowledge storehouse. Representation also shows that information is a very important assets to protect.
doi:10.1386/fm.4.2.11_1 fatcat:rwhd3kr3g5a4havd6cqc3ew3ma