Inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal nevus [entry]

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Inilaminatorr linear verrucous epidermal nerus (ILVE\) is a distinctive and rare tlpe ol epidermal irevus uhich the inflanrmaton is prorninent. The lesions are pruritic. er\thematous and scaling \errllcogs papules in litrear crrals. ilcoalcscL-nce li,.ntrs lirrcar plaque-. Th.' incitlr'ncc is utlknoun. l.ttt it trrts said 1 in i.l rnillion people-Since:'.'){)1)-1U06. it is the first case in our Depanmetlt' Case: \\'e reponed a i0-1ear old Indonu'sian Lro-v nith pruritic reddish bro*n linear
more » ... sh bro*n linear thickened olthe skin along the right buttock to the ri_sht ankle and to the anterior right tight since he nas I months old. On exami6atiol thsps rtere uniiat.-ral er\-ihematous and broun papulr-s. sonlc are coalc-scctlcc end er\themalous broun plaqLic in linear arrangement along the Blaschko's line. There \\ere no or-siltls ilr'ollcment. Histopaihologl erarrrination rias hrperkeratosis. parakeratosis. orthokr-ratosis tocal oll epiclermis. Dermis uas inflltrated b1'lrrnphocrte and hystiocrte cells ar.rund the capillarr. The pr31icp1 "tr. trcated uith combination salicylic acid 5o,o in dl'so\\tnetlrason 0.1-ioo oitrtment tlricc a dar. Discussion: The diillcuit\ to treat uas thl'problern in this case. Although manl therap) had been mentioned as the rreatml'nt modalities tbr ll-VEN. but rrone are satisfied..\fter 5 *eeks. our therap)' decreased the pruritic. moderate imprcrrement on the knee and slightly impror.ement ot1 other lesions. We change the the rapr rr ith retinoic ac id 0. I ori, cream and c lobetasol propionatc 0.050.o ointment. Ke1 ilord . inllurnmot,tr-t linettr yerrltLotts eitidcrntul ntvus
doi:10.1007/springerreference_41489 fatcat:7uypd6vqz5grhiqbxp3uac2gfm