Ageing and Flexibilisation. Caveats or Challenges for the Welfare State
Stárnutí a flexibilizace. Hrozba nebo výzva pro sociální stát?

Ruud J. A. Muffels
1998 Czech Sociological Review  
The process of ageing is commonly associated with a drop of productivity and flexibility and increased labour costs. In a rapidly changing economy with increasing demands on flexibility, the demographic trends of population ageing thus represent a serious threat to the economic performance of European economies and their international competitiveness. The author suggests that this view has little empirical evidence and rests on a traditional conception of the labour market and welfare state
more » ... d welfare state policies in the modern welfare state. He analyses the current pension, social security, and employment policies in Europe and the United States with respect to the position of ageing employees on the job market, and identifies welfare state strategies which would contribute to reducing retirement costs and increasing flexibility and thus productivity and competitiveness of the ageing labour force. The author also briefly discusses the differences between Western and Eastern Europe. * ) Česká verze příspěvku byla z důvodů poměrně značného rozsahu anglického originálu redakčně upravena a zkrácena. ** ) Veškerou korespondenci posílejte na adresu: Ruud J. A. Muffels,
doi:10.13060/00380288.1998.34.3.04 fatcat:lfjdkf3fznbsjj4ddc4e4yk5xq