FEC-CCS: A common Front-End Controller card for the CMS detector electronics [article]

E Vlasov, F Drouhin, C Paillard, A Marchioro, E Murer, Kostas Kloukinas, C Ljuslin, W Bialas
The FEC-CCS is a custom made 9U VME64x card for the CMS Off-Detector electronics. The FEC-CCS card is responsible for distributing the fast timing signals and the slow control data, through optical links, to the Front-End system. Special effort has been invested in the design of the card in order to make it compatible with the operational requirements of multiple CMS detectors namely the Tracker, ECAL, Preshower, PIXELs, RPCs and TOTEM. This paper describes the design architecture of the
more » ... cture of the FEC-CCS card focusing on the special design features that enable the common utilization by most of the CMS detectors. Results from the integration tests with the detector electronics subsystems and performance measurements will be reported. The design of a custom made testbench for the production testing of the 150 cards produced will be presented and the attained yield will be reported.
doi:10.5170/cern-2007-001.179 fatcat:onng3ajhxjb3zktpfavk2telfu