LieutenantJ. Monjardino
1918 The Lancet  
138 LIEUT. J. MONJARDINO : SOME NOTES ON PORTUGUESE SURGERY. the factors described above was present in every case. A boy, for instance, will state that he had no trouble with his eyes until after he had left school, but in his employment, where he had continually to lift heavy boxes, began to get more and more short-sighted. Then he will complain of a feeling of great tension in the eyes and headache after much lifting. The ordinarily given causes of myopia cannot apply in a large number of
more » ... large number of cases, as, for instance, porters, carmen, and those who do not use their eyes for near work. Again, in many of those having a sedentary occupation the form of exercise selected will be found to be one which would act in the way described, as, for instance, boxing, wrestling, cycling, rowing, or digging. Coughing also appears to be a potent cause. A boy will state that there was nothing wrong with his eyes until he had a very bad attack of bronchitis; immediately on returning to school the master noticed that he was short-sighted and sent him to a doctor to be examined, and he was found to be myopic. It is obvious that any cause
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)23192-4 fatcat:fyr2zeoucvfi5pl6uftu3qlhge