Effect of low-NaCl medium on the envelope glycoproteins of Sindbis virus

J W Bell, R F Garry, M R Waite
1978 Journal of Virology  
Lowering the NaCl concentration of the medium inhibits the release of Sindbis virus from infected chick cells at a stage after the nucleocapsids have bound to the membranes of the infected cells. The failure of trypsin treatment to release the inhibited virus and the ratio of the proteins in the inhibited cells make it seem likely that the inhibited virus is all intracellular. Experiments using antisera specific for El and E2, the envelope glycoproteins of Sindbis, suggest that the inhibitory
more » ... at the inhibitory effect of low-salt medium is mediated through an effect on E2. Lactoperoxidase radioiodination experiments indicate that, even when cleaved from PE2, E2 is not exposed on the surface of low-NaCl-treated chick cells. To prepare [3H]leucine-labeled, purified virus, cultures were treated as described above, except that the cultures were labeled from 3 to 9 h after infection 764 on May 8, 2020 by guest
doi:10.1128/jvi.25.3.764-769.1978 fatcat:ehcoo2z3evhjra5z33z55wfjmy